Goth-Trad (JPN)

Goth-Trad (JPN) - DUNJ

(if you don’t know what this music is about, scroll down and check out the Deep Medi youtube clip)

-Anomie, Sharkra & Dunj Crew-

Delicious tunes through fairly intimidating sound systems (Grounded Sound - Sydney). Big respect to those talented and creative people who organize these events in Sydney, Marrickville. After growing up in Techno Germany and experiencing all kinds of wild parties and festivals - Sydney is dead in terms of medium-sized events in my eyes. But there are some geniuses amongst the mass.

1000 of years ago people danced around fires and had a blast, today people dance in warehouses. What’s different? Not much - its the connection to the music, the connection to each other. You can feel it there - I could feel it that day.

Thanks, guys - the sound and light set up was lit.