Every Morning ...

Bronte, Sydney

I used to wake up grumpy all the time, literally EVERYDAY  and I thought: 'That's it it's just me, nothing I can do about it.' 
I realized it wasn't me. It was a habit running me. 

Today I'm looking forward to shoot and create content. It's crazy how much the art of photography has impacted me.  Good food too by the way, ah and cycling, swimming in the ocean as well, AND my lovely girlfriend Phei. 

Long story short! Be careful with how you label yourself sometimes, the more you repeat it, the more you believe in it. 

Every Morning is a new chance, a unique opportunity. Every step, action, and thought is building a habit. A Habit is a routine of behavior that is regularly repeated and tends to occur subconsciously. 

Choose wisely and question yourself sometimes.


Stay creative. 




Equipment: Sony A6000 + 85mm 1.8 FE Sony lens

Location: Bronte, Sydney, NSW. 24/05/2018